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Buying and Selling Property Management Companies
Jock McNeil

Thinking about buying a property management company portfolio or selling yours but wonder how to set a price that would be fair market value?   Wondering what the process of buying or selling your company entails?



Jock McNeil is a pro at expanding by buying and selling property management companies and portfolios.  He will take you through the process from start to finish.  Whether it’s a small portfolio, or an entire property management company, this session will give you insight to successfully negotiate a sale or purchase portfolios as a way to expand your business.

Managing With Metrics: What Numbers Can Tell You About Your Business 
Eric Wetherington

Property Managers keep track of many things in the scope of managing a property. New Properties, lost properties, average rent, and lease renewals are just a few of these things a professional manager tracks and reports.  What do those reports tell us?  Are we listening to what they are saying?  Eric Wetherington, Broker-in-Charge of New Heights Property Management and 2019 NARPM National President will teach how to look at the numbers in your business and interpret what they are saying.   Eric will provide the tools you need to utilize your numbers to take your business to the next level. 

Killer Management Agreements And Leases
Stephanie D'Atri

What authority does a management agreement give a property manager?   Does the lease actually allow the tenant to do that?  Are there ways to get more authority from an owner in a management agreement?   Have a question about a lease or management agreement?  Stephanie D’Atri is an attorney specializing in landlord tenant law and practicing with Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP.  Stephanie has extensive experience in leases and management agreements. This workshop will help property management professionals better understand leases and management agreements and ways that your management agreements and leases can be strengthened to allow property managers to better do their jobs. 

Leasing with Zero Security Deposit Options
Brad Larsen

There are several new vendors on the scene in the multi-family space offering methods to NOT have to collect the old tried and true one month’s worth of security deposit.  In this presentation, Brad goes through each of the major ideas, and discuss best practices on this method, including ideas to cover the owners and tenants for all of their concerns.  This technique will change the industry.  Brad predicts in several years’ time that taking on a security deposit when leasing a home will become an outdated technique.

Mold is a Four Letter Word
Debbie Henry
Cathy Richmond

Is it really mold or a discoloration?  What should a property manager do when a tenant says they have mold?  Cathy Richmond and Debbie Henry share real-life experiences and best practices on handling mold issues.  Cathy owns LRC Testing and Research, a Triangle Based testing company specializing in mold testing.  Debbie is an area property manager with over 30 years’ experience who recently went through a court case due to a mold issue.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the “been there, done that” and learn how to avoid mistakes and implement best practices for mold in your business. 

The What, When, How, And Whys Of Property Inspections
Phil Owen

How often should a property manager inspect a rental property?  What should they look for?   Phil Owen,  Chief Operating Officer On SightPros , an industry leader in property condition reporting,  will discuss the ins and outs of property inspections for property mangers, best practices for performing and on site visit, and documenting the condition of the property and preventing the “It was like that when I moved in “ defense  from a tenant disputing a charge. 

Utilizing Technology To Streamline Work Flows
Tim Wehener

How do I get it all done?  How can I work smarter instead of harder? Tim Wehener  MPM, RMP, Vice President of Single Family Management for  Dodson Property Management,  will show you ways to utilize technology to improve you and your staff's efficiency, better utilize time, and improve productivity.

Eviction Best Practices
Loesback & Brownlee Attorney

This workshop will cover best practices in utilizing the eviction process.  When the time comes to evict a tenant how is the best way to file suit?  What do I need to bring to court? How long will this take?  How do I determine how much to sue for?   Attorneys from the firm Loesback & Brownlee, specialists in the eviction process, will discuss best practices for the eviction process and how to prepare for court and win when you go. 

Real Estate Commission Audits, Inquiries, And Complaints
Pam Vesper

Pam Vesper, former North Carolina Real Estate Commission Attorney and Auditor, will be discussing best practices in dealing with the Real Estate Commission.  Pam has extensive experience in the workings of the commission.  Pam will discuss what to do when an auditor visits, or when that dreaded envelope arrives in the mail.   Dealing with real estate commission issues can be intimidating for property managers.  Pam’s workshop gives the tools to be prepared.  There will be plenty of time for Q& A with this session. 

Grow Your Property Management Company By A Door A Day
Brad Larsen

Brad Larsen joins us for this final session of the conference.  Brad is the owner of Rentwerx  San Antonio and the fastest growing property management company in San Antonio and an innovator in the property management industry.   In this session, Brad will share how he grew his company by a door a day!  Brad discusses business development and gives you the tips and tricks to grow your business in any market.